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At the auditorium, there are several doors linked to each other through a series of maze-like passages and rooms, supposedly once used as torture chambers. The next evening after dinner in the hawker centre, we met them in the lift. Copyright 2018 Jurong West Secondary School - Address: 61 Jurong West St. 65 Singapore 648348 | Tel: 62623593 | Fax: 62623587 | E-Mail: jwss@moe.edu.sg. School will reopen on 4 Jan 2021 (Mon). Pontianak. National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC), Jurong West Sec & Hwa Chong Institution Collaboration: The HCI Boarding Experience, JWSS-Frontier Primary School Mentorship Programme, Release of National Examination Results 2019, JWSS accorded the status as an EAP School, 4 JWSS Students Awarded the Prestigious Boys' Brigade Founder's Award (FAA), JWSS Student Awarded the Prestigious Singapore Red Cross Presidential Youth Award, JWSS students participate in SG Secure Launch 2016, Inaugural JeWel Challenge for WZ Primary Schools, Straits Times Article on JWSS as choice school for student with PSLE aggregate of 253, Updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation, Arif Budiman Malay Language Teachers' Award 2018, MOE Innergy Schools Award - Commendation (T&L), Jewel Challenge 2018 for West Zone Primary Schools, JWSS Applied Learning Programme featured on ETD's Youtube Channel, Welcome Tea Session for Sec 1 Parents with Principal 2019, Exam Registration Guide for School Candidates, Staff and Student Engagement Session with Corporation Dr - Opp Blk 65 (21589) is 253 meters away, 4 min walk. Although it is unlikely that the Facebook users account of a haunted HDB flat in Jurong West Street 81 is untrue, stories of hauntings in HDB estates are quite common. | Homepage of Jurong West Secondary School About Us Principal's Message History School Crest School Vision, Mission and Values School Song School Advisory Committee School Management Committee Executive and Administrative Staff Direct School Admission (DSA) Financial Assistance for Students School Safety SOP School Facilities Textbooks and Uniforms In what is now the VA hospital, there are numerous reports of a male ghost who has been seen roaming the halls. Absolute shit facilities and students are stupid af 4 haunted high schools in Arizona. We are proud that 4 of our students Surya (3E4), Rosenah (3N2), Shamini (3N2) and Pon, (3N2) were one of the selected groups and had the opportunity to, represent their school and produce a music video entitled , Singapores future beyond the year 2020. The Curse In My Family. They also wanted an additional bedroom for their parents, for when they visited. River Valley High School is an IP secondary school in Singapore. left before the new thingys were set up. One night after watching TV alone, I think it was about 2.00am and I was walking to sleep, I heard a voice (very clear) calling me MaMa! once and instinctively. A glance at the social media profiles of those who shared the post revealed that they are mainly the younger audience intrigued by such wild claims in good old boring Singapore. "hi guys.just wanna ask if the new jurong secondary school is haunted.as i am attending night classes there with one of my friend..and the classes always start at 0730pm - 1000pm and during my first lesson after class which was 1010pm the both of us went to the ladies located on the first level and as we went in my friend totally kept her Please be more careful when buying house because it is our biggest investment in Singapore in my view. Originally a forested area, Jurong West is undergoing rapid development under the ambition of the Housing and Development Board (HDB) to transform it into a fully mature housing estate. I live here, and I heard from a neighbor once, and heard from my brother that there are reports of a ghost plane flying overhead that makes a Legend claims that cold spots, ghostly noises and shadows that follow you can be found in this spot. Some claim that the ghosts of Native Americans who used to inhabit the area can also be seen late at night. We look forward to seeing all of you in school on 4 Jan 2021. It would also not reveal how many cancellation appeals it received because of the hauntings. Not all scammers ask you for money directly and immediately. Many claim to have seen the spirits of Indians, still fighting some forgotten war. Staff claim to have heard disembodied footsteps and strange noises in the museum after closing time, as well as a display that likes to move around the museum of its own accord. People who move into these apartments see shadows that move around there apartments, and hear strange noises. While skeptics may find these urban legends rather fantastic and dismiss them as just stories by the superstitious, its sometimes better to err on the side of caution and not attempt to invoke the wrath of vengeful spirits, lest you find yourself faced with them! Deaths from drownings and cliff jumpings are the source of this ghostly site. The homeowner said they only have a daughter. Then immediately, she opens her eyes and call out to my daughter. What are the attributes of secondary schools in Jurong West? As she was sitting on the stool bending forward holding the shower above her head washing her hair. The Haunted Stagmont Camp. As we entered our master room,I wanted to switch on the TV in the room to continue watching the program. 3. Signup for our weekly newsletter to get the latest news, updates and stay in the loop to find out what parents are talking about delivered directly in your inbox. I still remember when my office phone rang, my husband was on the line saying that he spotted a good HDB 4 Room house deal at Jurong west street 81 blk 840. Being a school with vast resources, its almost expected that RI would have its own swimming pool, but what may come as a surprise is that the pool is supposedly just a metre short of the Olympic-sized 50m. Jalan Bahar Heavy Vehicle Park / Jurong West St 75. What is the best secondary school in Jurong West? Click on the name of the school from Jurong West Singapore school list for information on Admission, Fees, Curriculum, School Contact Details, Ranking, Reviews and Ratings of Best Schools in . Yuvabharathi International School, Jurong, Singapore is a Coed Day School with classes from KG 1 to XII located in Jurong West Singapore.The school has classes from . Zerlynn Koh Hui En, a JWSS student from Sec 2 Normal (Technical) stream, has scored well in her English, Science and Literature. Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation, Singapore Uniformed Groups Unit Recognition, Developing Character, Leadership and Citizenship, Harnessing Technology, Communication and the Visual Arts in Authentic Contexts, Allied educators (Learning and behavioural support). Singtel apologised for the inconvenience, and shared that affected customers can "regain connectivity by switching their phones off and on". Jurong West Secondary School is located at Singapore, Singapore in the state Singapore, Singapore. In collaboration with MOE Edulab, our programme infuses collaborative learning together with online technology. Singapore secondary school ranking in 2022. If you accidentally respond to this voice by . Are the ghosts of Glendale a fan of pepperoni pizza? More information will be shared with all parents by the end of Term 4 Outstanding Youth Education Award 2023 Are the residents of these dorms really seeing what they claim or are too many all-night "study" sessions causing their eyes to play tricks on them? One of the oldest high schools in Arizona, it was founded in 1914, two years after the city was founded. A guest who fell off the cliff is reported to haunt the main ballroom and the boiler room. More I research, more I find out that many blocks in Jurong west are haunted through the plentiful ghost stories about that place. Hello. The below list of schools in Singapore covers Girls Schools, Boys Schools and Co-ed schools providing Day or Boarding/Residential schools in Jurong West Singapore. Originally the "San Marcos Hotel," this has now been bought and sold several times until it became the Crowne Plaza San Marcos. Sean shared that there is a significant difference in the difficulty level between Express and Normal(Academic) subjects. I am not going to reveal the floor number to prevent scaring the people living the floor in that particular street. The 2022 GCE O-Level results will be released on. https://www.tamilmurasu.com.sg/2018/07/16/531053371-19015.html. The music video was officially launched on 12 July 2018 @ https://twenty20.temasek/ website. There are six planning areas in the West Region that contain secondary schools. 2. Last year, the school also started offering Humanities subjects at a more demanding level. XCL World Academy, Singapore is a Coed Day School with classes from Nursery to XII located in Singapore. What are the nearest stations to Jurong Secondary School? The original story in the 2000s was actually about Block 407 or 547, depending on which version you read, but both of which are located along Jurong West Street 42. The local time zone is Asia/Singapore. The post started off by saying the haunted unit is a four-room flat, which checks out because Block 840 consists of nine floors of four-room flats that was completed in 1992. One of these entrances is considerably low at about 1.6m and meant to be used as cleaners storage. Jurong West BTO 2-Room Flexi (Type 1) Typical Price: $110,000 Indicative Pricing Range: $95,000 - $126,000 10% Down-payment (CPF/Cash) : $11,000 Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG): $35,000 Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG): $40,000 However, a pair of shining blue eyes appeared on the TV screen in the room. Only heard about the old building of JSS. A mannequin was once placed inside the classroom of a girl named Sally who had committed suicide, dressed up in her uniform and name tag to commemorate her. 219 Kallang Bahru, #04-00 Chutex Building, Singapore 339348, The opinions expressed by our users do not reflect the official position of TheSmartLocal.com or its staff. In 1985, even the Straits Times reported of hauntings in Bukit Batok HDB estate. There are many reasons for urban legends to start, such as out of boredom and the cobbling together of different stories to create another that can barely pass muster, and then take root. Turning towards the direction of the voice, there was only the resident's wife and daughter sleeping soundly. After the student's sudden violent death, it is said that his spirit continued lurking in school, seeking out other students to prey on. Find museums in Phoenix, AZ, Palo Verde East - Arizona State University, Las Casas Dorms - Arizona State University. Jurong West Blk 546 - HDB, Jurong, Spooky This happen more than 10 years ago while i am still living at Jurong west Blk 546 cause its nearer to my secondary school. Last year, the school also started offering Humanities subjects at a more demanding level. In 1985, even the Straits Times reported of hauntings in Bukit Batok HDB estate. The post said he heard from a friend about the flat with paranormal activity and wanted to share the anecdote to warn others about buying a cheap resale unit just because it is priced attractively. The school has classes from Pre Primary School (Pre School) to Senior Secondary School (XI-XII) and follows curriculum prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum. The hotel was originally built in 1913 for $100,000, and hosted such luminaries as Herbert Hoover, Joan Crawford and Fred Astaire. Privacy policy. 4. The students also shared about their learning points from the conference during a morning sharing in school. Click the link below to view the report from the Straits Times and Stomp, Brain cancer no obstacle for teen(The Straits Times), Teacher buys 1200 scooter student cancer(The New Paper), Copyright 2018 Jurong West Secondary School - Address: 61 Jurong West St. 65 Singapore 648348 | Tel: 62623593 | Fax: 62623587 | E-Mail: jwss@moe.edu.sg. The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) cut-off points of these secondary schools range from 9 with a Merit grade in Higher Mother Tongue Language (HMTL) to 30. Guess what? appeared first on iCompareLoan. It was then that the school decided to paint the walls yellow the deceased students favourite colour to appease her. Second Minister for Education and Finance, Ms Indranee Not only would the buyer take decades to repay the loan for a unit that can cost S$400,000, there are other unworldly concerns that do crop up. For List of schools having only Preschool/Playschool/Daycare: Best Pre Schools in Singapore. u guys receive my msg. Cyrius Lee on Facebook dated 18 July 2021. | Here is a list of secondary schools in Jurong East. While just about every secondary school has its share of requisite toilet hauntings, the following tales have some basis behind them, making them even creepier once you understand their origins. These 33 secondary schools are located in the West Region of Singapore. This old restaurant was formerly a furniture store and private residence, and locals and staff claim the bright, cheerful restaurant had a gloomier, darker past. What are the co-curricular activities (CCAs)? Been there for quite sometime and before that (long long ago) it was at Old Jurong Road i think. JWSS Student Council President, Kim Jeong Soo, was also featured in ST IN for his participation in the conference. The homeowner returned to the master bedroom to continue watching television. This page is based on the copyrighted Wikipedia article "Pioneer_Secondary_School" ; it is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Jurong West is about 7km away from Choa Chu Kang Cemetery, while in the past, the now non-existent private Bulim Chinese Cemetery was located north of the Pan Island Expressway, off Jurong Road. Just to make sure is not a fault, I even pull out the plug from the socket! GHOST CHEERLEADERS! In order to ward off the students lingering spirits, 2 stone lions were placed behind the auditorium block. . She slams lockers, flushes toilets and turns the automatic hand dryers on. The pair of eyes was still there! Kids like to creep each other out with tales of the boy who roams the halls striking the lockers. Patrons report hearing children talking (at a pizza joint? 1) As I was watching TV in the hall, I used to see several times a black shadow darting at the corner of the room. The school has classes from Pre Primary School (Pre School) to Middle School (VI-VIII) and follows curriculum prescribed by International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. The former owner of this busy ice cream caf and malt shop never really left, according to staff and diners. Thats not all. Congratulations! The original piece contained the same hauntings, except they were split into six instances instead of five -- and specific to a maisonette setting. When he first joined the SBB programme, he had to put in effort to bridge the gap. 3. Also, a cowboy ghost is said to haunt the Pioneer Restaurant & Saloon, and in the 1885 Statehood House, staff members have heard footsteps and felt as if they were being watched. I was also shivering but had to put up a brave front.While they fallen asleep later, I stayed up till morning. We would also like to wish all students and parents/guardians a very happy new year in advance. This old hacienda style abode was converted to a restaurant in the 1950's, and has been in successful operation for over a half a century. Use search filters to find Schools near me based on School Country, School City, School Locality, School Type (Coeducational or Boys or Girls), School Curriculum (CBSE, ICSE, IB, CAIE, CIE, Cambridge etc), School Level, School Boarding Type (Day-cum-Boarding School or full Boarding/Residential School). The areas are Bukit Batok, Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu Kang, Clementi, Jurong East and Jurong West. I came to know from research online and other families nearby that Jurong West was previously a cemetery like lim chu kang cemetery (which explained the close distance) and it had been reclaimed for the housing projects. The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) cut-off points of these secondary schools range from 12 to 28. A Facebook post put up on July 18, 2021 has been shared more than 3,000 times in five days as it claims that a flat located at Jurong West Street 81 is haunted. So, we arranged a viewing with the agent and bought it on the spot!A little bit of history I am going to mention so that if you came across similar case do consider carefully. (Submitted by Callum Swift). If you like what you read, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram to get the latest updates. Much of the paranormal activity in the building is centred around a portrait hung on the wall. Based on the Singapore secondary school ranking in 2022, the top secondary school in Jurong West is River Valley High School. Just do not buy a flat because it is sold at a discount. i got a fren studing there n she said there was nothing like tiz goin on leh. 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As the classroom was situated on the ground floor near the track, classmates reported seeing Sally always facing them during PE lessons despite having placed her facing the front of the class. Terrified, the homeowner sprayed water in the direction of the entity but nothing happened. Buying haunted house in Bukit Batok in 1985. It develops JVnites into critical thinkers, confident and empathetic communicators, and discerning readers who love reading. Legend has it that a past student managed to gain access to the clock's gear room but accidentally fell into the gears, with his body gruesomely crushed. To read more about JWSS SWAP, please click. A concerned citizen cares for others, understands what matters to the society and Singapore through engaging in contemporary issues, and believes in Singapore. Our school has converted more spaces into classrooms to cater for the usage for different subjects.. The desert area outside Anthem, AZ is a hotbed of paranormal activity. People claim to have seen the ghost of a young woman on the stairs and the sounds of footsteps coming from above when there is no one on the second level. Legend claims that a young girl was killed on the farmland that the school now stands on. Reportedly haunted by a little boy who was killed while trying to cross the road.

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