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<< /Type /Page /Parent 8 0 R /MediaBox [0 0 612.0 792.0] /Contents 7 0 R /Annots [ 6 0 R ] /Resources << /ProcSet 1 0 R /XObject << /Im4 4 0 R >> /Font << /F3 3 0 R /F5 5 0 R >> >> >> Retirement from Asked about criticism that her administration had micromanaged or condescended to past employees, Arntzen said her office has always been open and willing to listen and takes feedback, both positive and negative, not personally but under advisement. Her goal, she said, is to make government better and to make serving our schools and our children better. Arntzen did not address the criticism of her tenure directly, but said she knows that employees who have left the agency had education in their heart and I wish them the best.. Theres very few that remain that are sort of the people that Ive relied upon in years past. Natalie, as the Assistant Director of the Montana Office of Rural Health, brings nearly Rachel grew up in a rural community in Washington State. School Staff The Montana Asthma Control Program and the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) designed the Creating Asthma Friendly Schools training for school staff in 2016. a Masters in Public Health (MPH) from Creighton University. Public education makes up roughly a third of Montanas state budget, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic Congress has granted hundreds of millions of relief dollars to Montana schools. his bachelor of science in cell biology and neuroscience and later graduated with Despite being less than one page long, proponents and opponents testified Tuesday that Senate Bill 154 would have a profound impact on the states reproductive rights landscape by explicitly exempting the right to an abortion from the Montana Constitutions clause enshrining the right to privacy. For questions or comments contact the Ask Us Desk. Western Montana College provided an exceptional foundation to become an effective teacher. Georgetown Universitys Urban Educational Leadership certificate was completed in 2015. Cheryl joined the staff of MT AHEC/Office of Rural Health as an Accounting Analyst Every time we went to have a conversation with that leadership, we had to repeat ourselves, which became very frustrating, Muir said. All Montana phone numbers are preceded by area code 406. Anna has spent the last 10 years in Helena. MONTANA STATE GOVERNMENT TELEPHONE DIRECTORY. Welcome to the State of Montana newsroom, where breaking news in Montana State Government is posted for various state agencies. She is also focused on educating, of projects related to healthcare workforce training in rural and underserved communities cabin in rural Montana. Two retired OPI employees did speak on the record about their own experiences. We cant compete financially, Allen said. She said the total number of full-time positions at OPI funded by the state budget is 154. An October 2020 op-ed authored by six former OPI staffers described the situation as an exodus of critical staff.. 2 0 obj We are constantly enriching our leadership at this time because its management and leadership that I believe are part of that recruitment and, more importantly, that retention, Arntzen said. The number sheds new light on criticism and concern about loss of expertise at the agency charged with overseeing Montanas public school system. It is time to put our Montana students first and focus on a local control system that Bridging the Communication Between Schools and Families, HiSET (Formerly GED)/HiSET Options Program, Educator License Options & Requirements Information, Earn Professional Development Units Online, Educator Licensing & Preparation Task Forces, Acceleration and Evidence-Based Instruction, Montana Alternative Student Testing Pilot Program, School Innovation, Flexibility & Efficiency, IT Resources for Schools - Programs & Grants, Achieving Educational Excellence Through Local Control, School Administrators of Montana Vacancy Postings. the Montana American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Chapter, and is a National 0. All of this stuff is highly detailed, Quinlan said. OPI also attempted to recruit nationally and received only one resume, she added, saying the wage the agency is able to offer isnt competitive enough. Contact Rob, 406-444-4399. Jenna brings a history of being actively involved in Montanas education system and advocacy on behalf of parents and children. camping, and spending quality time with friends & family. Never miss Montanas biggest stories and breaking news. Beth Ann currently oversees all of the behavioral health-focused Whoops! Box 170520 Bozeman, MT 59717-0520. Sign up for theCapitolizednewsletter and stay up-to-date on the latest legislative developments during the session. Kailyn serves Kirk Miller, executive director of the School Administrators of Montana, said hes noticed significant turnover in staffing at OPIs licensing division, which is charged with ensuring that teachers in Montana classrooms meet the professional qualifications set by the state. Arntzen also said shes combined the school accreditation reporting process with the federally mandated reporting process for COVID-19 relief spending, and reorganized OPI to bring supervisors into more of a leadership role under the mentorship of agency managers including Allen and herself. Arntzen pledges to fight for waivers for schools that have met benchmarks, to remove burden from the Federal level. Montana Migrant Education Program. face with access to quality healthcare. Units didnt walk out, individuals did, Arntzen said. to destigmatizing mental healthcare and increasing education opportunities for behavioral recruiting and retaining the HIT workforce in Montana, assisting rural and frontier once; then start all over again. Workforce Coordinatorsydney.pearce@montana.edu406-994-6003Room 311 Culbertson Hall. and performing various administrative duties. Select a button below to access that information. and workforce needs related to serving rural populations. Our most precious resources, our children have been left behind. Sign up for theCapitolizednewsletter and stay up-to-date on the latest legislative developments during the session. With 38-years in public education, she has previously served as the Transformational Learning and Montana Advanced Opportunities program managerand since April 2020 as the Deputy Superintendent. Lacey said she is unaware of any difficulties or issues that have arisen for the board as a result of agency turnover or vacancies to date, and said OPI has indicated they were doing all that they could in order to get people into those positions.. You can also find an employee by name by going to the State of Montana Employee Directory at Thats the highest annual departure count listed on the report. I realized my input was not wanted or appreciated or even going to be solicited at all, no matter what the topic, Granberry said. ' Print the PDF of the entire School Directory with all this information where indicated, or download excel files by selecting "Advanced Search." You can also find an employee by name by going to the State of Montana Employee Directory at MBA and MS in Audiology from the University of New Mexico. Patrick is a consultant minerals landman from Billings and has been involved with oil, gas, hard minerals, coal and land-title related issues for over 38 years. Thats what that report shares with me. Assistant Director of Montana Area Health Education Center & Workforce (406) 994-6499 Bozeman Health Highland Park 5 Ste 5230 Cindra works extensively on Healthcare Workforce issues, serving as facilitator for the Montana Healthcare Workforce Advisory Committee. Kirk Miller, executive director of the School Administrators of Montana, said he's noticed "significant turnover" in staffing at OPI's licensing division, which is charged with ensuring that teachers in Montana classrooms meet the professional qualifications set by the state. The cause for the high rate of turnover at OPI remains difficult to establish. Educational Leadership Faculty Dr. Tena Versland, Program Leader 406-994-6799 Email: Dr. Bill Ruff 406-994-4182 Email: Contact Information Graduate Program Assistant PO Box 172880 Montana State University Reid Hall 215, Bozeman, MT 59717-2880 time, you can find her hiking, fly fishing, or listening to a podcast. Greg Gianfortes administration effective next week, and that Communications Director Anastasia Burton will depart OPI later this month. During his public comment before the board Wednesday, Parman put the vacancy issue into context, explaining that members of Montanas public education system have experienced increasing difficulty getting timely responses from the agency. at the office including task force work, health equity training, and the Health Equity Every dollar helps your family, friends and neighbors access reliable, relevant local reporting. Josh grew up in Helena, MT and is a Montana State University alumnus. 1 0 obj She singled out the vacant special education director position in particular, informing the board that OPI has advertised it three separate times without fielding a single qualified candidate. Jenna currently serves on her local school board. Miller reminded the board that he had requested its assistance in September to promote public messaging about the academic, social and economic importance of Montana public schools. The outcomes of our work are very much dependent upon the quality and also the quantity of the people that are working at OPI, Lacey said. What we pay at about $79,000 is somewhere around $40,000 below the market right now.. The OPI staff administer a number of federally funded programs and provide a variety of information services, including the information systems necessary to assess student achievement and the quality of Montana's elementary and secondary school systems. OPI Staff Directory; Response to Intervention (RTI) School Computer Equipment Program; School Laws Order Form; State and National Education Links; Wiki; . Beth Ann currently oversees all of the behavioral health-focused SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION Allen emphasized that OPI has experienced significant challenges in recruiting candidates to certain vacant positions. OPI State Assessment Director Ashley McGrath also briefed the board Wednesday on the results of statewide standardized testing conducted in K-12 schools this year. for her to help with the accounting demands of MT AHEC/ORH. Edit your form online Type text, add images, blackout confidential details, add comments, highlights and more. 2023 Montana's independent nonprofit news source. Brian grew up in Butte and Helena and received his B.A. with rural communities and facilities to make a positive impact on rural health delivery. MISSOULA Montanas Board of Public Education was briefed about staff vacancies and recruitment challenges by Office of Public Instruction Deputy Superintendent Sharyl Allen Thursday. The former position has most recently been involved with the effort to upgrade OPIs data systems, which are used for a variety of purposes including processing teacher licenses. of Washington. General Information, P.O. In that role, Granberry oversaw a handful of agency divisions, including those responsible for managing special education and federal assistance for low-income students. As of Nov. 5, the accreditation division was down to one staff member, with three other positions, including accreditation administrator, vacant. Contact the General Information line at 406-444-2511 with any questions. TTY number is 406-444-1421. I was just sort of made to feel like excess and unwanted baggage, not a valued member of a team by any means.. His background includes 10+ years in education law, including as legal counsel for the Montana Board of Public Education, at the U.S. Department of Education headquarters, and with the Montana School Boards Association. Tensions between Arntzen and Montana's superintendents came to a head one year ago when all eight of Montana's AA public school districts sent a letter to Superintendent Arntzen expressing "no. Sign up for our free daily newsletter to get unbiased, independent Montana news sent directly to you. Executive Assistant/Deputy Communications Director. much time as she can in Montanas beautiful landscape with her husband and 2 dogs. The agency has received applications for four more vacant positions, candidates are being interviewed for three positions, and three positions are advertised but have yet to generate candidates. Box 202501 Helena, Montana 59620-2501 (406) 444.3680 Nutrition And Physical Activity Program. implementation of hospital and clinic-based technical assistance programs and population Project Coordinatornatalee.wheeler@montana.edu406-994-6858Room 309 Culbertson Hall. HiSET (Formerly GED)/HiSET Options Program, Educator License Options & Requirements Information, Earn Professional Development Units Online, Educator Licensing & Preparation Task Forces, Acceleration and Evidence-Based Instruction, Montana Alternative Student Testing Pilot Program, School Innovation, Flexibility & Efficiency, IT Resources for Schools - Programs & Grants. OPI Website: E-Grants Website: . She looks forward to continuing to serve Montanas children and families at OPI. Box 202501, Helena, MT 59620-2501. He has worked as a staff member for the majority in the Montana State Senate and on campaigns in Texas and Montana. They intend to visit every microbrewery at least The same goes for any other spending decisions a school may have to make, he added. ? Muir also became frustrated with what she characterized as frequent and repetitive questioning regarding her divisions responsibilities and processes. All Montana phone numbers are preceded by the 406 area code. President for the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH), 2023 Montana's independent nonprofit news source. Sydney is a Bozeman, Montana native and MSU alumna. Montana Office of Public Instruction (Montana OPI) phone number is 406-444-2082, located at P.O. Alex Sakariassen is a 2008 graduate of the University of Montana's School of Journalism, where he worked for four years at the Montana Kaimin student newspaper and cut his journalistic teeth as a paid news intern for the Choteau Acantha for two summers. News apps are nice, but how many stories might you be missing? Beth Ann is the Assistant Director of Behavioral Health Programs. at the University of Montana. Over the past 10 months, there has been a growing clamor among school leaders and business officials, which today is at a fever pitch. STATE OF MONTANA DIRECTORY Directory.MT.GOV State Directory Agencies Agencies AGENCY TELEPHONE LISTINGS Find key state employees in these agency listings by clicking on the agency name that the employee works for. Rural Health Association Rural Health Fellow. More by Alex Sakariassen. A bill under consideration by the Montana Legislature aims to ease the burden of rental application fees on apartment-seeking Montanans by specifying that landlords and property management companies must reimburse unsuccessful applicants for any fees not used for specific expenses like credit checks. Records obtained earlier this year by MTFP indicate that some positions have remained vacant for 12 months or more, and OPIs online directory currently lists 43 agency positions as vacant, including the posts of director of American Indian student achievement and director of student support services. state of Montana with her husband. Sara enjoys running, skiing, hiking, reading, and cooking Natalee grew up in rural northwestern Montana and graduated from Montana State University Curtis said shes heard atrocious stories from individuals about a toxic work environment at OPI. Our students are our most precious resource and the future of this great state. Two of those employees cited Arntzens management style as a primary reason for accelerating their retirement plans. Questions and concerns regarding this publication should be directed to: P.O. A Thanksgiving message from the Montana State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Any issues with staffing levels at OPI could have a direct impact on the boards functions, Lacey added, since the board has only three employees and relies heavily on the regulatory and policy expertise of OPI staff. The amount of turnover revealed in the report speaks to allegations leveled against Arntzen in advance of the 2020 election. The report also noted a high vacancy rate at OPI, which it said makes compliance with federal regulations difficult. Assistant Director/Behavioral Health Workforce 925-1261. In response, the party narrowed the scope of its request and on Aug. 26 hand-delivered a payment of approximately $2,000 to OPI. Her previous healthcare experience ranges from clinical settings to k " Those numbers were consistent [at] about 30 [departures] every year, Arntzen said. The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) has issued a letter to state directors of special education that provides guidance and accompanying resource links for the education of children who move frequently such as military-connected children, migratory children, children who are homeless, and children in the foster care system. Read the 2017-2021 OPI Termination Report, a staggering loss of veteran employees under Arntzens leadership, teachers in Montana classrooms meet the professional qualifications, How an Obamacare remnant survives and prospers in Montana, The Session: Taxes, missing persons and child welfare, hundreds of millions of relief dollars to Montana schools, primary conduit for delivering those funds, criticizing Arntzen and calling for Romanos election, NorthWestern Energy to increase ownership share in Colstrip, First abortion bill of 2023 introduced in Montana Legislature, Bill would require rental application fee refunds, Proudly powered by Newspack by Automattic. Superintendent Elsie Arntzen is proud to serve our Montana families, students, and teachers. Michal Gilpin has been with MT AHEC/ORH since July 2011. office, you can find her hiking, skiing, trail running, camping, or traveling somewhere A native of rural Nebraska; her hobbies Regional Coordinatorgreta.moser@montana.edu406-994-6252Room 307 Culbertson Hall. Some of them have left and are still afraid to talk about it because theyre afraid that the retaliation may follow them to any new job that they might want to get.. He transitioned into freelance journalism following the Indy's abrupt shuttering in September 2018, writing in-depth features, breaking on Montanas statewide Nursing Action Coalition, is the Immediate Past President of Project Coordinator/Hospital & Community Outreachsara.bell1@montana.edu406-994-6986Room 301 Culbertson Hall. He also spent 16 years as a teacher and principal at several Montana schools. Grace oversees the health equity related work Opponents of her reelection campaign, including Democratic challenger Melissa Romano, claimed that OPI had suffered a staggering loss of veteran employees under Arntzens leadership and that some vacated positions had remained unfilled for months. Since January 2017, the state Office of Public Instruction has experienced a remarkable amount of staff turnover at all levels of the agency. 15 years experience and working knowledge of rural health issues and has worked closely The departures are listed individually in a document titled OPI Termination Report, which includes staff terminations, resignations and retirements as well as each employees reason for leaving the agency. She also received an MBA with dual emphases in Healthcare and Public Administration from the University of Mary (ND) in 2022. Parman said its also his understanding that OPIs chief data officer left the position last week and the agencys human resources manager will be leaving in three weeks. Community Health Support Network, the Community Health Worker Program, the Behavioral Health Training Program, and the Montana Family Support Program. Montana's independent nonprofit news source. According to Allen's report, 24.49 full-time-equivalent (FTE) positions will be vacant at OPI as of Nov. 21. Maie Lee Jones is a Cuban-Jamaican-American citizen, competent professional, and polyglot with a broad set of skills. Box 202501 Helena, Montana 59620-2501 (406) 444.3680 Directory of Montana Schools 1 was a National Rural Health Association (NRHA) Rural Health Fellow, and received the Through this large influx of Federal funds, Montana schools have an opportunity to focus on the whole child and maximize instruction, State Superintendent Elsie Arntzen said. But we dont need Washington dictating cumbersome terms of use to Montana schools. I trust our school administrators and teachers to use the money wisely to promote innovation in the classroom and enhance learning opportunities for our students. Our plan allows them to do just that, without sacrificing an ounce of accountability. OPI staff have worked diligently to ensure that the Montana State Plan they compiled recognizes local control, removes obstacles and barriers for schools, and enhances accountability without being overly burdensome. The State Plan template provided by USED was overly top-down and not tailored to the local control needs of Montana schools. Mandy oversees the statewide, Montana Office of Rural Health/AHEC Advisory Board, Community Health Services Development Program (CHSD), Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant Program (SHIP), MontanaGraduate Medical Education (GME) Council, Montana Healthcare Workforce Advisory Committee, Regional Initiatives in Dental Education (RIDE), Montana Healthy Communities Virtual Journey, Community Health Services Development (CHSD), Community Health Service Development (CHSD), Behavioral Health Workforce Education & Training (BHWET). xW[o6~pvuK" f`C@1/D*d!%;ef)Qw.$_7C(QWI(tW&py! The superintendents of Montana's AA schools, including Great Falls Public Schools, on Monday sent a letter of concern to Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen, expressing. behavioral health trainings like ASIST, YMHFA, MOAB and more! So there is definitely interdependence between the two agencies, and I would worry that if OPI wasnt staffed with both the correct number and folks with the correct experience and understanding of educational policy, that the outcomes of the board wouldnt be as good as we need them to be for Montana students.. More by Alex Sakariassen. That provision was the foundation of the Montana Supreme Courts. Health Education from Montana State University and her Masters of Public Health from That provision was the foundation of the Montana Supreme Courts.

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