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Uploaded by Simply for bucks because he has confessed in interviews that he never cared a gram about the character. + Script for The Island of Ancient Death 3-03-1946, + Script for The Immortal Murderer 12-10-1944, 012 - The Magigals Mystery & Serpents of Siva, + Script for Death Comes to the Magician 10-04-1942, 014 - The Grove of Doom & The Masked Lady, + Script for Danger in the Dark 10-10-1937, + Script for The Laughing Corpse 03-10-1940, + Script for Murder by the Dead 10-17-1937, 036 - River of Death & Crime Rides the Sea, + Script for The Case of the River of Eternal Woe 4-15-1945, + Script for The Man Who Was Death 2-29-1948, 042 - Bells of Doom & The Murdering Ghost, + Script for The Voice of Death 12-26-1937, 046 - The House That Vanished & Wizard of Crime, + Script for The Sword of Dengri-la 4-01-1945, 053 - Garden of Death & The Vampire Murders, + Script for Vampires Prowl by Night 9-08-1946, + Script for The Crawling Death 2-28-1954, 063 - The Wasp Returns & The Devil's Paymaster, + Script for The Comic Strip Killer 11-23-1947, 081 - Murder Every Hour & The Time Master, + Script for The Man Who Murdered Time 1-01-1939, + Script for Death Rides the Skyway 11-05-1937, 083 - Crime Over Boston & Crime Over Miami, + Script for Halloween in Vermont 10-29-1944, + Script for The Shadow Challenged 1-19-1941, 092 - Murder House & Death in the Crystal, + Script for Death is Just Around the Corner 1-21-1945, 096 - The North Woods Mystery & Death About Town, + Script for The Secret of The Shadow 11-21-1943, 102 - King of the Black Market & Crime Caravan, + Script for The Case of the Mechanical Monster 1-17-1943, 108 - Vengeance Bay & Death Has Grey Eyes. 10 scripts Burns & Allen 3 scripts Five Minute Mysteries Each of Bradford's play scripts included here is. These activities provide writing experience from the 60-second commercial to a short radio program based on the likes of "The Shadow" or "War of the Worlds.". 54 scripts Lux Radio Theater The Shadow came back to the airwaves to narrate other crime programs, such as, "Blue Coal Mystery Revue and a handful of his own short lived shows in 1932 and 1934. Emulating DC's earlier team-up, Dark Horse also published a two-issue miniseries in 1995 called The Shadow and Doc Savage: The Case of the Shrieking Skeletons. 1 script Columbia Shakespearean Cycle It also provides information on the history of the show and the numerous performers who appeared on it. Along with learning skills and knowledge in Europe, Africa, and Asia, he spends time training with a Yogi priest, "Keeper of the Temple of Cobras," in Delhi and learns how to read thoughts and hypnotize people enough to "cloud" their minds, making himself invisible to them (as revealed in the episode "The Temple Bells of Neban" in 1937). 1949). The Shadow debuted on July 31, 1930, as the mysterious narrator of the radio program Detective Story Hour, which was developed to boost sales of Street & Smith's monthly pulp Detective Story Magazine. . ) Burbank - A radio operator who maintains contact between The Shadow and his agents. What Shadow stuff have you run across lately on the internet? Two attempts were made to adapt the character to television. Only cab driver/chauffeur Shrevvy makes regular appearances on the radio series, but the character is different from his print counterpart. This also includes the partial episodes in 1947. The show aired for 22 years, from 1932 to 1954, and followed the exploits of amateur detective Lamont Cranston and his companion Margo Lane. As Cranston, The Shadow often attends the Cobalt Club, an exclusive restaurant and lounge catering to the wealthy, and associates with New York City Police Commissioner Ralph Weston. In 1988, O'Neil and Kaluta, with inker Russ Heath, returned to The Shadow with the Marvel Comics graphic novel The Shadow: Hitler's Astrologer, set during World War II. Shiwan Khan - A would-be conqueror who is the last living descendant of, Dr. Rodil Moquino - A doctor and self-proclaimed Voodoo Master who uses hypnosis to make people do his bidding. "[5] Although the latter company had hoped the radio broadcasts would boost the declining sales of Detective Story Magazine, the result was quite different. Why not even work out some kind of deal with Grace Gibson Productions in Australia to get more of the episodes they recorded released? audio. One of their scriptwriters, Harry Engman Charlot, suggested various possibilities, such as "The Inspector" or "The Sleuth. > He estimated to the Washington Post in 1978 that he'd written 29 million words in his lifetime. 1 script Assignment: Home 5 scripts. Each cover was illustrated by Greene and colored by one of Eternity's colorists. Martin's book, THE TWILIGHT ZONE: Unlocking the Door to a Television Classic, won the 2008 Rondo Award for Best Book of the Year. Each week, a detective mystery offered listeners an adaptation of a short story from Street & Smith's Detective Story Mazazine. 2. The history of The Shadow character is long and storied. Fellow pulp fiction hero the Avenger guest-starred in issue #11. 1 script The Halls of Ivy Clyde Burke made occasional appearances, but not as an agent of The Shadow. (Laugh.)3. I've been meaning to compare the episodes included with The Story of The Shadow and the Making of a Legend with those on the other sets I have, but haven't had a chance yet. The Shadow began in 1930 as the host/narrator of a Radio Drama anthology series, introducing stories adapted from the Street & Smith Pulp Magazine Detective Story Magazine. 4 scripts The Sealed Book on May 21, 2021. All three issues were then collected by Dark Horse into a slick trade paperback titled The Rocketeer: Cliff's New York Adventure (ISBN1-56971-092-9). 1 script Pete Kelly's Blues It was too light on the subject of the Shadow's "Agents", but the insertion of video clips from relevant Shadow and associated actors', as well as the graphic components is well done. 2 scripts You Are There Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. I've been wondering if the reason Conde Nast hasn't done anything with the existing episodes is because they don't actually own any of the transcription discs. The eighth house involves sex because sex is the ultimate in give and take. The remaining eight novels in this series, The Shadow Strikes, Shadow Beware, Cry Shadow, The Shadow's Revenge, Mark of The Shadow, Shadow Go Mad, Night of The Shadow, and The Shadow, Destination: Moon, were written by Dennis Lynds, not Gibson, under the Maxwell Grant pseudonym. When broadcasting your radio show, every second counts. Life is hard all over. 1 script Roads of Romance He explicitly states in several episodes that his talents are not magic but based on science. Several years ago, while in the Orient, Cranston learned a strange and mysterious secret. Will Murray. A bare bones synopsis begins on July 3, 1930 when the narrator of magazine publisher Street & Smith's radio version of its pulp magazine, Detective Story Magazine, was given the name of The Shadow.This mysterious voice who merely introduced and narrated the radio show, but was not a character in any of the episodes, became so popular . Miles Crofton - He sometimes pilots The Shadow's, Claude Fellows - The only agent of The Shadow ever shown to be killed, in, Rutledge Mann - A stockbroker who collects information, taking over for Claude Fellows after the latter's death. For those who first heard The Shadow on the air when radio was young, this book will bring back memories. The film is notable as the second directorial effort of James Wong Howe, who directed only one of the two unaired episodes. 1 script Our Gal Sunday The 677 episodes aired over 18 seasons, including an additional summer series in the first season.. 1 script Buck Rogers I'm wondering if maybe the earlier sets included better sounding episodes that were missing the commercials. 10, 11 and 12, "The Shadow vs. the Swindlers"; In Batman #259 (Nov.-Dec. 1974), Batman again meets The Shadow, and we learn that, in the past, The Shadow saved Bruce Wayne's life when the future Batman was a boy and that The Shadow knows Batman's secret identity (he assures Batman, however, that his secret is safe with him). 1 script Jack Carson's Camel Comedy Caravan 10 scripts Dragnet I've got a lot of them, but I'm wondering if some of them don't exist at all anymore. Quick as a Flash (Radio Game Show) with special guest. During the mid-1970s, DC Comics published an "atmospheric interpretation" of the character by writer Dennis O'Neil and artist Michael Kaluta[28] in a 12-issue series (Nov. 1973 Sept. 1975) attempting to be faithful to both the pulp-magazine character and radio-drama character. 3 scripts Studio One 2 scripts The FBI in Peace and War 15 scripts Life of Riley In addition to The Hand and The Silent Seven, The Shadow also battled other one-shot collectives of criminals, including The Hydra, The Green Hoods, The White Skulls, The Five Chameleons, and The Salamanders. As The Shadow, Jory wears an all-black suit and cloak, as well as a black bandana that helps conceal his facial features. [16] Chrisman and Sweets thought the program should be introduced by a mysterious storyteller. You will LOVE this book! The Shadow daily was collected decades later in two comic book series from two different publishers (see below), first in 1988 and then in 1999. . In the very unlikely event of something going wrong with your order, Amazon will provide the customer service and process a return, if necessary. 4 scripts The Big Story phillip harrison height; transfer gun ownership after death ohio; mary shepherd obituary Instead, Readick did, using a water glass next to his mouth for the echo effect. 5 and 6, "The Shadow and the Adele Varne Mystery"; The radio version of Shrevvy is dim-witted and does not knowingly work for The Shadow, aiding Lamont Cranston on many occasions. 1 script Terror by Night The series disappeared from CBS airwaves on March 27, 1935, due to Street & Smith's insistence that the radio storyteller be completely replaced by the master crime-fighter described in Walter B. Gibson's ongoing pulps. Comic book fandom is evenly divided between people who like comics in a general way and are fans of comics in general, and then there's an entire spate of juvenilists who attach themselves to the old joke about the Golden Age of comics. When Bob Kane and Bill Finger first developed Bat-Man, they patterned the character after pulp mystery men such as The Shadow. Intrigued, magazine buyers began asking for "that Shadow magazine." Not ones to pass up a profit opportunity, Street . One of the most useful parts is the complete list and plot summary of each episode. The episodes were drawn from the Detective Story Magazine issued by Street & Smith, "the nation's oldest and largest publisher of pulp magazines. [20] Described as Cranston's "friend and companion" in many episodes, the exact nature of their relationship was not explicitly stated, but Margo mentions in the first episode that she loves him and hopes he will retire The Shadow identity and operate without secrecy if the police really need his help. Help others learn more about this product by uploading a video! Frank Readick Jr. again played the role of the sinister-voiced host on Mondays and Wednesdays, both at 6:30p.m., with La Curto taking occasional turns as the title character. A recreation of The Bride of Death and The Shadow Challenged by Tune In Radio Show, which is pretty cool it's filmed as a live radio broadcast actors walking up to the mics and live sound effects. This marked the beginning of a long association between the radio persona and sponsor Blue Coal. lol Not gonna happen but I can dream. --J. Randolph Cox, Editor. 3 scripts Adventures of the Thin Man 14 scripts Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show 9 scripts Dimension X A few of them I was not able to find an official release of. While functioning as a narrator of The Blue Coal Radio Revue, the character was recycled by Street & Smith in October 1931, for its newly created Love Story Hour. Dave Stevens' nostalgic comics series Rocketeer contains a great number of pop culture references to the 1930s. The mysterious narrator claimed; "The Shadow knows all" and then announced the story from the current issue of the crime magazine with a menacing laugh. king legacy auto raid script pastebin. 1 script Destination Freedom 3 scripts Little Orphan Annie "Totally at odds with everything that personified the classic Shadow," American Comic Book Chronicles says, "Archie's incarnation is still regarded in many quarters as one of the greatest comic book misfires of the 1960s."[27]. Also added a couple more of the 1960's Belmont books to my Archive, just need to track down actual book scans of Shadow's Revenge and Night of The Shadow to have them all. The Shadow is also referenced in DC's Detective Comics #446 (1975), page 4, panel 2: Batman, out of costume and in disguise as an older night janitor, makes a crime fighting acknowledgement, in a thought balloon, to the Shadow. MUSIC UP AND FADE 4. It has Blue Coal commercials. "[4], Thus, beginning on July 31, 1930,[1][5] "The Shadow" was the name given to the mysterious narrator of the Detective Story Hour radio program. Please note that they only have a small number of scripts available. The first, in 1954, was titled The Shadow and starred Tom Helmore as Lamont Cranston. 133 "O Desafio Do Condenado" (script 69) ("Murder in the Death House") 25 1939-40 no. 1 script Four Star Playhouse Early stories explain he was once a famed aviator who fought for the French during World War I, known by the alias the "Black Eagle" according to one character in The Shadow's Shadow (1933). 4 scripts Ozzie and Harriet 2 scripts Jack Armstong, All American Boy [41][42], In 1994 the character was adapted once again into a feature film, The Shadow, starring Alec Baldwin as Lamont Cranston and Penelope Ann Miller as Margo Lane, with John Lone playing the recurring Asian villain from the pulp series Shiwan Khan, who claims to be a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. I even have a book of Shadow radio plays that has the scripts to a few of the shows that I don't have as radio shows. 1 script The Scarlet Pimpernel The Shadow radio drama that everyone is familiar with is the 2nd Shadow radio incarnation. In the first issue, The Shadow was loosely based on the radio version, but with blond hair. As The Shadow' gleefully presses the detonator, he says, "NOBODY knows to whom the voice of the invisible Shadow' belongs!" Announcer: The Shadow, who aids the forces of law and order, is, in reality, Lamont Cranston, wealthy young man-about-town. 13, "Robberies at Lake Calada". If so let me know, I'd love to get audio copies if possible. The Shadow was originally the voice of conscience and it was through the fear he aroused in the minds of criminals that they exposed their own villainy or destroyed themselves. . The Shadow Radio Show 1937-1954 Old Time Radio (All Available Episodes). The radio drama included episodes voiced by Orson Welles. Moe Shrevnitz (identified only as "Shrevvy") made several appearances as a simple-minded acquaintance of Cranston and Lane who sometimes acted as their chauffeur, unaware Cranston was actually The Shadow. Episode 77 is a repeat of the 1st episode Death House Rescue. The Shadow's best known alter ego is Lamont Cranston, a "wealthy young man-about-town." Commissioner Weston and a few other supporting characters from the print stories also are adapted to radio. Welles did not speak the signature line, "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?" Set in 1933, the story details the conflict between the two pulp magazine icons during a crime wave caused by a murderous kidnapping-extortion ring led by the mysterious criminal mastermind known as the Funeral Director. Cover artwork added. In October 1932, the radio persona temporarily moved to NBC. Both The Shadow Strikes (1937) and its sequel, International Crime (1938), were released by Grand National Pictures. This screenplay was supposedly written by Siavash Farahani. Why not hire someone (I am very available to do this for you) to edit together a collection of the first season of scripts for The Shadow and release a very nice hardbound edition. 1977 by Sarah Wooley. Once The Shadow joined Mutual as a half-hour series on Sunday evenings, the program was broadcast by Mutual until December 26, 1954.[19]. - Enjoy Radio Scripts from the Golden Age of Radio! I've come across a recreation of the The Secret of The Shadoworiginally broadcast November 21st 1943. By the same token, if I'm going to be doing a mature readers product, I don't feel the need to stand by the standards of a 12-year-old sensibility. 1 script Fort Laramie Vintage Commercials The Shadow CBS Radio Mystery Theater Abbott and Costello Amos 'n' Andy All in all I think what I'm trying to say is, we don't want a revamped poor imitation of The Shadow, we want The Shadow that we've loved for years. Following a brief tenure as narrator of Street & Smith's Detective Story Hour, "The Shadow" character was used to host segments of The Blue Coal Radio Revue, airing on Sundays at 5:30p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The radio incarnation of The Shadow is really and only Lamont Cranston with no other regular cover identities, though he does adopt disguises and short-term aliases during some adventures. 1 script Believe It Or Not Because of the great effort involved in writing two full-length novels every month, several guest writers were hired to write occasional installments in order to lighten Gibson's workload. Print length. Lately I've been listening through my collection and (it's been awhile since I last did that) I've got to say I'm disappointed with the sound quality on some of the episodes. 2 scripts The Police Reporter For the collector and historian of old-time radio, there are facts here they may be seeing for the first time. 108 - Vengeance Bay & Death Has Grey Eyes + Script for a lost Shadow adventure from Radio's Golden Age! 7 scripts Mystery In The Air "Voices from the Shadows," p. 120. Khan nearly succeeds, but is thwarted by The Shadow. In the debut episode "The Death House Rescue," Cranston explains he spent years studying in London, Paris, Vienna, Egypt, China, and India, learning different fields of science as well as "the old mysteries that modern science has not yet rediscovered, the natural magic that modern psychology is beginning to understand." Kiel Phegley, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, "James Patterson Reviving 30s-Era Crimefighter 'The Shadow' For New Novels, Films", "James Patterson, Cond Nast Reviving The Shadow In New Original Book Series", "The Shadow's return to network airwaves began with the first episode, Deathhouse Rescue", "GCD:: Issue:: The Complete Color Mad #3", "Dynamite Returns THE SHADOW to Comics After 16-Year Hiatus", "With Bryan Foy Productions (Sorted by Release Date Ascending)", "With Universal Pictures (Sorted by Release Date Ascending)", "Catalog of Copyright Entries, 1931 Dramatic Compositions Motion Pictures For the Year 1931 Vol 4 Part 1", "Catalog of Copyright Entries 1932 Dramatic Compositions Motion Pictures Vol 5 Pt 1 For the Year 1932", "Catalog of Copyright Entries 1946 Dramatic Compositions, Lectures, Motion Pictures Including List of Renewals New Series Vol 19 Pt 1", "Catalog of Copyright Entries 3D Ser Vol 27 Pts 12-13", "Sam Raimi on Spider-Man 4 and The Shadow", "DIAL B for BLOG - THE WORLD'S GREATEST COMIC BLOGAZINE", "The Shadow Comic Cover Gallery: Comic Crossover", "Annotation of References in Alan Moore's V For Vendetta", "Why I love the Silver Shroud quest in Fallout 4",, Lamont Cranston (radio, film and television), Various psychic abilities such as reading a person's thoughts, controlling their mind and altering their perceptions, enabling him to turn himself invisible (except for his shadow which cannot be hidden, for unknown reasons), Low-level superhuman strength (able to lift a sturdy armored warrior with only one hand), Harry Vincent - A man who tries to commit. The Shadow started out on the radio as a narrator for one of Street and Smith's Detective magazines. The Shadow is a collection of serialized dramas, originally in 1930s pulp novels, and then in a wide variety of media.One of the most famous adventure heroes of the 20th century United States, The Shadow has been featured on the radio, in a long-running pulp magazine series, in comic books, comic strips, television, serials, video games, and at least five films. 2 scripts Jack Oakie College However, they too were dropped from the airwaves. The Shadow is a fictional character published by magazine publishers Street & Smith and writer Walter B. Gibson. It was not until the August 1937 issue, The Shadow Unmasks, that The Shadow's real name was revealed. A comics adaptation of the 1994 film The Shadow was published in two issues by Dark Horse as part of the movie's merchandising campaign. Free Christmas nativity play with ten scenes. Before I start going off rambling anymore, I guess the long and short of it is, something needs to be done with The Shadow. 1 script Calling All Cars The scripts are perfect for the classroom. Search the history of over 778 billion Chrisman and Sweets thought the program should be introduced by a mysterious storyteller. The is an exceptionally comprehensive collection of information about The Shadow radio show. Scripts from the BBC Radio Drama archive. This 800 page book documents the entire history of the long-running radio program, with rare never-before-seen photos, interviews with cast and crew, and a carefully organized presentation of the facts. They soon began asking newsdealers for copies of "that Shadow detective magazine," even though it did not exist. In 1945, it made its way to The Vindicator in Youngstown, Ohio to promote the program over WFMJ. 9 scripts Father Knows Best Shiwan Khan is not killed and wakes up in an unidentified asylum where he is now under the care of a doctor who is secretly one of The Shadow's agents. In the episode "The Temple Bells of Neban" (1937), The Shadow said he developed these abilities in India specifically, under the guidance of a "Yogi priest" who was "Keeper of the Temple of Cobras" in Delhi. 1 script Weird Circle The Shadow knows. Cue immediately to DJ: "Hello and welcome to ISM Radio! All shows reviewed for date accuracy and titles. 20 scripts The Screen Guild Theater Through extensive research of original radio scripts, newspapers on microfilm and various archives across the country, this book is sure to please both casual . "[25] The Shadow' is invisible as in the radio series; when he makes himself visible, he is attired like the pulp character but is very short and ugly; his companion, "Margo Pain," begs him to cloud her mind again. A handful of free short Christmas comedy plays and Christmas skits for all ages. The lovely Margo Lane was portrayed the exceptional Agnes Moorehead, Marjorie Anderson, Lesley Woods and Grace Matthews. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. [54] Decades later, noted comic book writer Dennis O'Neil would have Batman and The Shadow meet in Batman #253 (November 1973) and Batman #259 (December 1974) to solve crimes. 1 script The Guiding Light web pages 6 scripts Richard Diamond, Private Detective Street & Smith Radio Scripts The Shadow (for South American broadcast, Portuguese language) BOX 1 Date Episode Title Pages 1939-40 no. "[4] Thus, "The Shadow" premiered over CBS airwaves on July 31, 1930,[1] as the host of the Detective Story Hour,[5] narrating "tales of mystery and suspense from the pages of the premier detective fiction magazine. During its run, it featured The Shadow's first-ever team-up with Doc Savage, another popular hero of the pulp magazine era. 102 - King of the Black Market & Crime Caravan + Script for The Mine Hunters 8-07-1938. If any of these ideas are used I'd like a 5% commission on any profits. This year marks the 5 year absence of any Shadow cd releases from Radio Spirits. The film was financially and critically unsuccessful. 3 scripts. In August 2011, Dynamite licensed The Shadow from Cond Nast for an ongoing comic book series and several limited run miniseries. . This back-to-back format continued until the final issue (#13). The WPA Radio Scripts consist of final drafts of radio plays and other texts produced by the Federal Theatre of the Air. A one-shot issue, The Shadow and the Mysterious Three, was published by Dark Horse in 1994, again written by Joel Goss and Michael Kaluta, with Stan Manoukian and Vince Roucher taking over the illustration duties but working from Kaluta's layouts. 3 scripts Lucky Strike Hour 2 scripts Boston Blackie ${cardName} unavailable for quantities greater than ${maxQuantity}. 33 missing episodes with recreations available. In 1931 and 1932, Bryan Foy Productions created[34] and Universal Pictures distributed[35] a series of six film shorts based on the popular Detective Story Hour radio program, narrated by The Shadow. Please make sure you use the same email address that you used for your Shadow Studio 2 purchase at the other site. In the print adventures, The Shadow is Kent Allard, although his real name is not revealed until The Shadow Unmasks (1937). The two episodes produced were compiled into a theatrical film and released with the same title. [5], Gibson's characterization of The Shadow laid the foundations for the archetype of the superhero, including stylized imagery and title, sidekicks, supervillains, and a secret identity. This upload contains 239 episodes of the great old time radio drama, The Shadow. [33] Its first on-going series was written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Aaron Campbell; it debuted on April 19, 2012. purnell's old folks all natural country sausage patties. The Shadow returned to network airwaves with the episode "The Death House Rescue" on September 26, 1937,[18] over the Mutual Broadcasting System. 9 scripts Arch Oboler's Plays Chrisman and Sweets thought the upcoming series should be narrated by a mysterious storyteller with a sinister voice and began searching for a suitable name. The hardest part was trying to match the font used. 2 scripts The Fat Man 1 script The Jack Paar Program 2 and 3, "Mystery of the Sleeping Gas"; Later stories revised this alias as the "Dark Eagle," beginning with The Shadow Unmasks. In "The Temple Bells of Neban" in 1937, he specifies that a Yogi priest, "Keeper of the Temple of Cobras" in Delhi, taught him how to be invisible by "clouding" peoples' minds. Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon, OTR Publishing; First edition (March 16, 2011). In this radio play version, marriage has been forbidden because The Ancients discovered it led to breakdowns, insanity and object throwing. Their last collection "Evil Lurks" was released back in 2017 and nothing from them or Conde Nast since. Seen in, Benedict Stark - The self-described Prince of Evil. A vast majority of the episodes Grace Gibson chose to recorded are now part of the lost/missing "original broadcasts" and can give us episodes we never thought we'd hear. The Shadow Magazine ceased publication with the Summer 1949 issue, but Walter B. Gibson wrote three new "official" stories between 1963 and 1980. A sequel, Empire of Doom, was published in 2016 and takes place seven years later in 1940. Listeners found the sinister announcer much more compelling than the unrelated stories. During the early-to-mid-1990s, Dark Horse Comics acquired the rights to The Shadow from Cond Nast. Through extensive research of original radio scripts, newspapers on microfilm and various archives across the country, this book is sure to please both casual and devoted fans of The Shadow. The third radio show named "The Shadow" premiered on September 26, 1937 and ended on December 26, 1954.. On July 31, 1930, a sinister voice introduced "The Detective Story Magazine Hour," a weekly radio program that dramatized stories from the pages of Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine.The mysterious narrator claimed; "The Shadow knows all" and then announced the story from the current .

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