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Thought to be from Texas, his fate and true identity have remained a mystery. [12], In July, some reports say that Brocius ambushed a Mexican trail herd in what became known as the Skeleton Canyon Massacre. In July of 1881, Curly Bill, along with Johnny Ringo, killed William and Isaac Haslett in Hauchita, New Mexico, in revenge for the deaths of Clanton members Bill Leonard and Harry Head, who had attempted to rob the Haslett brothers general store some weeks earlier. That hatred only increased when, in early January, 1882, Curly Bill robbed two stagecoaches leaving Tombstone. Curly Bill's main claims to fame were shooting a well-liked town marshal in Tombstone, Arizona Territory, in 1880 and then being arrested by none other than sometime lawman Wyatt Earp. Mexican quasi-military had caught them while the boys had been moving cattle. The thought was if CB was not found, then the Cow Boys would insist Wyatt had not done him in. Your account has been locked for 30 minutes due to too many failed sign in attempts. Afterward, he went to Tombstone, Arizona, where he was a vicious, drunken gunman, cattle rustler, and murderer. Curiously, if not conveniently, he was absent when the famous Tombstone street fight, known as the Gunfight at the OK Corral, started what would be a five-month war between the Earps and the Cow Boy faction. Earp grabbed Brocius from behind and wrestled him to the ground. Copyright Your new password must contain one or more uppercase and lowercase letters, and one or more numbers or special characters. Wyatt Earp slid down from his horse and killed Curly Bill with a blast from a double-barrel shotgun. Patterson, you will recall, was a participant in the Marshal White shooting. On the evening of December 28 th, 1881, Virgil Earp was shot from ambush while patrolling the streets of Tombstone. The newly discovered site was a few miles away and was called Cottonwood Springs. Wyatt dropped the empty shotgun and reached for his pistol, but during the excitement, hed forgotten the loosened gun belt which had slid down around his knees. The law swung into action. The next day the coroner's jury included Curly Bill among seven suspected assassins. Earp's long coat was punctured by bullets on both sides. Te cres bien chingon. If you have questions, please contact [emailprotected]. Earp returned fire over his horse using a 22-inch, 10-gauge shotgun. Buried in the only white shirt found in Tombstone, belonging to Dr. D. S. Chamberlain, a visitor. Have a story tip or startup we should know about? Curly Bill Well Bye. "[6][18], The El Paso Daily Times speculated that he was the man whom Texas Ranger Thomas Mode shot in the right ear. Learn more about merges. What do I think? McMaster was grazed by a bullet that cut through the straps of his field glasses.[13]. We will review the memorials and decide if they should be merged. So Olinger's Mortuary, where he was . There was a furious exchange of gunfire. Add in a couple of "Gangs" that are less than "competent" and you have a great story. Video distorts the perception of distance. Pima County Deputy Sheriff Earp and George Collins immediately took Brocius to Tucson for trial. Year should not be greater than current year. First published in 1927, Tombstone defined the legend of lawman-gunfighter Wyatt Earp. Use the links under See more to quickly search for other people with the same last name in the same cemetery, city, county, etc. Also bill oreilly insulting Jon Stewart for letting "Frenchy" Colbert have a show . Share this memorial using social media sites or email. I thought you might like to see a memorial for William Curly Bill Brocius I found on Findagrave.com. He spent most of his time chatting up the locals downtown and telling stories of his life on the frontier. William "Curly Bill" Brocius. Invalid password or account does not exist. or don't show this againI am good at figuring things out. To many in the small town of Hico, TX, Brushy Bill Roberts was simply a local frontier character. [10][11] However, no witnesses to this crime were found nor to Curly Bill's involvement in the Hasletts' death. Learn more about merges. This browser does not support getting your location. 1. Whatever the reason, both were drinking heavily and Wallace shot CB in the neck. No one claimed either reward. Wyatt rode unaware into a camp that contained CB and fellow miscreants. As manager of this memorial you can add or update the memorial using the Edit button below. Billy the Kid briefly joined this group before going to work for John Tunstall. This is a carousel with slides. Fred J. Wyatt killed Curly Bill during the shootout. Watch. I replied, Thats because there are two different stories. During the months following the street fight in Tombstone, the Cowboys, after the Spicer Hearings cleared the Earps of murder, resorted to ambushing their enemies. Denis McLoughlin in The Encyclopedia of the Old West reports that Brocius was from Missouri and named William B. In mid-afternoon of March 24, a Friday, he headed to a known small encampment in the Whetstone Mountains that featured a well. After Wyatt killed Frank Stilwell at the Tucson train station, he was under indictment. Looking for Rex Kittle online? Tired of the eternal struggle to master all of his responsibilities . Marshal White appeared with Wyatt Earp. Wyatt opened up with both barrels and nearly cut Bill in half. [2], An unauthenticated photo of Brocius is displayed in the Bird Cage Theater Museum in Tombstone. "[17] The Tombstone Nugget first put up a $1,000 reward for proof Curly Bill lived, and The Tombstone Epitaph countered with a $2,000 reward. Although he made an enemy of Wyatt Earp later, this incident did not seem to spark their famous feud. cemeteries found within miles of your location will be saved to your photo volunteer list. setTimeout(function(){var t=document.createElement("script");t.setAttribute("src","https://sample.dragonforms.com/getEmbeddedClientScript.do?embeddedsite=TW_dispatch_nl"),t.setAttribute("type","text/javascript"),document.body.appendChild(t)},5); Become a subscriber today and youll recieve a new issue every month plus unlimited access to our full archive of backlogged issues. His surname has also been spelled as "Brocious", although the former is the spelling used for his maildrop in Arizona Territory, according to one published letter of the time.[3]. Please enter your email and password to sign in. Failed to delete memorial. Today. Since both Robert Martin and Curly Bill became known as leaders of the rustlers in Arizona Territory, they are likely the same Robert Martin and Curly Bill of the Texas crime. Photos larger than 8Mb will be reduced. Your account has been registered, and you are now logged in. For some in the Earp field, a buck or two, and perceived glory, can reshape the truth. Related read: 7 Intriguing Facts that Reveal the Truth about Calamity Jane. He was finally able to get on his horse and retreat. [3], According to historian Robert M. Utley, Robert Martin was a member of the Jesse Evans gang of outlaws in New Mexico during the mid- to late 1870s. After the death of Old Man Newton Clanton in another ambush in Guadelupe Canyon in July, Curly Bill became the leader of the Clanton Gang. Others point to Kentucky, and some Texas. Please enter your email and password to sign in. Corral in October 1881, Brocius attempted to kill Virgil Earp and assassinated Morgan Earp. Despite an initial grave prognosis and erroneous press . Wallace left the saloon and Curly Bill followed him. Virgil Earp was returning to his room at a Tombstone boarding house from a night at a local saloon at 11:30 p.m. on December 28, 1881, when shots rang out. Curly Bill: Tombstones Most Famous Outlaw, Ride the Devils Herd: Wyatt Earps Epic Battle Against the Wests Biggest Outlaw Gang, Tombstone: The Earp Brothers, Doc Holliday, and the Vendetta Ride from Hell, The Last Gunfight: The Real Story of the Shootout at the O.K. He would be his brothers avenger, becoming judge, jury and executioner. Copy the language in the sequence that you found it. Bill fired first and his burst hit Wyatts coat. Curly Bill Brocius was never seen in Tombstone again. Wyatt led a small posse of friends on a vendetta against the perpetrators. CB was noticeably MIA for sometime, however he was rumored to have taken part in the Morgan Earp assassination in March of 82. Im hearing two different stories.. One version had it that CB had shot Wallaces horse. Most agree on the year of 1858. Search above to list available cemeteries. It said, "Freda Bullion Lincoln. Or did Curly Bill slip away to live out his days with a beautiful senorita in Mexico? [2] Curly Bill may have first met Pony Diehl around this time, as well. Curly Bill, Ringo, AND Wyatt Earp are all central characters. Copyright 2001- Two men killed mining engineer M. L. Peel in a botched deed. Quickly see who the memorial is for and when they lived and died and where they are buried. Later, one was killed, the other captured. Vermillion tried to retrieve his rifle wedged in the scabbard under his fallen horse, exposing himself to the Cowboys' gunfire. Historically well represented, many twists,turns and unexpected action. Delivered right as the newspaper goes to print on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sunday. I make a 1/4" thin cut curly French fries and they will change your life. After shooting and wounding one man, Lloyd rode his horse into the saloon where Brocius was drinking. Curly Bill had a loose relationship with the county sheriff, John Behan. [17] Brocius was not wanted by the law in Arizona and if he was not dead had no reason to disappear. Earp, hit in the back and the left arm, staggered into a hotel. Soon, he arrived in Tombstone, Arizona, a mining town with a reputation for lawlessness and violence. In any event, Curly Bill was not heard from again. Just weeks before, Curly Bill led a group of outlaws on a deadly ambush in the San Luis Pass. It is hard to make such a despicable character likable but making him a snarky arrogant presence is a step in the right direction. Close this window, and upload the photo(s) again. After Brocius' death, his friends were, said John Flood, to have buried the body on the nearby Frank Patterson ranch on the . Please check your email and click on the link to activate your account. Learn about how to make the most of a memorial. The end of that ride culminated at the showdown between Wyatt Earp and Curly Bill Brocious. The DevaCurl No-Poo Original is a fan favorite shampoo, especially for people with curly and coily hair types. Most agree on the year of 1858. Some said he went to Mexico, married a senorita and lived happily ever after. William "Curly Bill" Brocius or Brocious (c. 1845-March 24, 1882) was an American Old West outlaw, gunman and member of "The Cowboys" outlaw gang of the Tombstone and southern Arizona region during the early 1880s. The Clanton Gang, a band of cattle-rustling, stagecoach-robbing gunslingers, had long made Tombstone their base of operations. One thing is certain, no one ever saw or heard from him again. Deputy U.S. Save to an Ancestry Tree, a virtual cemetery, your clipboard for pasting or Print. A freelance writer who specializes in American history, Karen has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Central Michigan University and a master's degree in English from Indiana University. High quality Curly Bill Brocius-inspired gifts and merchandise. Try again later. Curly Bill Well Bye. According to Wyatt Earp and an anonymous report to The Tombstone Epitaph he was in the lead of the posse when they suddenly came upon the Cowboys' camp at the springs from less than 30 feet (9m) behind an embankment. Save to an Ancestry Tree, a virtual cemetery, your clipboard for pasting or Print. William Brocius, who was believed to have been born in 1845, came to Arizona in late 1878. Marshal White did not die immediately. Drag images here or select from your computer for William Curly Bill Brocius memorial. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Hello History Fans! Brocius' birth date, birth name, and birthplace are not known. Charles Sewall, a 27-year-old surgeon, took the slugs out of Johnson's shoulder and abdomen. Even though Curly Bill Brocius was not involved in the Shootout at the O.K. In his journal written in October 1881, George Parsons referred to Brocius as "Arizona's most famous outlaw". And keep track of where you got your words so you can give the source credit. Flowers added to the memorial appear on the bottom of the memorial or here on the Flowers tab. Some of that loot showed up in Galeyville card games, CBs haunt. [10] He was named by Pete Spence's wife Marietta Duarte as a participant in the assassination of Morgan Earp. [3] Evans's gang, a loose-knit consortium of desperadoes known as "The Boys", ended up fighting against the "Regulators" during the Lincoln County War. Also known as: William Bresnaham, William Rosciotis, William Brosius / Brocious, Bill Graham. The Cowboys began firing just as Earp dismounted, and thought for a moment they had shot him, but had hit his saddle horn instead. Among the best guesses are: William Brosius, Bill Brocious, William Graham, and William Bresnaham. Try again later. They claimed hed been miles away and offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who could produce Curly Bills dead carcass. I think Wyatt killed him. cemeteries found in will be saved to your photo volunteer list. Dodge, an undercover operative for Wells Fargo in Tombstone, asked Curly Bill's associates about his death. Try again. Deputy U.S. Close callIn May 1881, CB again boosted his reputation, this time at his own expense. This post is17 of 52in the"52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks" Challenge"begun by Amy Johnson Crow. A wannabe world traveler, Karen spends her days writing and her nights researching cheap flights to far-off places. Warren Earp was away on an errand at the time. You can customize the cemeteries you volunteer for by selecting or deselecting below. [17], Because of his nickname, "Curly Bill" Brocius has been confused with "Curly Bill" Graham, a different outlaw of the same geographical region and time period. Wick Communications. Dakota Livesay - Special to The Independent. Although Western movies often show a villain or hero's dexterity with a pistol, much of that dexterity or . Earp later stated that he heard Marshal White say to Curly Bill, Give me your pistol. As he was handing his weapon to White, it fired, striking White. The Tombstone Epitaph, the newspaper supporting the Earps ran a story agreeing with Wyatts version and the Cow-boy organ, the Nugget, sided with the Cow-boys. Its believed he died later of his wounds. Now in the Mercantile you can find True West, Questions surround Earps only legal marriage. When an 85-year-old Memphis seamstress died in 1961, she was buried beneath a tombstone with three lines of text. Historical research into Brocius' death turned up two possible earlier identities. Eighteen months prior, Wyatt Earp had protected Brocius against a mob ready to lynch him for killing Town Marshal Fred White, and then provided testimony that helped spare him from a murder conviction. He forced them to strip naked and dance in front of everyone. Scott Dyke is a Wyatt Earp historian, Western writer, lecturer and researcher. Curly Bill escaped from prison in 1877, allegedly with McMaster's help Thanks for your help! Earp fired back with two blasts from his shotgun. Family members of Curly Bills descendants have presented two more photographs of him, but these, too, have not been authenticated. This is a carousel with slides. But, despite it being so popular, the No-Poo Original is pretty costly at $26 per bottle. Include gps location with grave photos where possible. You can always change this later in your Account settings. Related read: 9 Fascinating Facts About Cherokee Bill, Ruthless Outlaw. These men were known compadres of CB. Reportedly killed at Iron Springs, Cochise County, Arizona by Wyatt Earp. Wallace complied, but Brocius afterward heaped abuse on Wallace, announcing, "You damned Lincoln County son of a bitch, I'll kill you anyhow." Use Escape keyboard button or the Close button to close the carousel. Use Next and Previous buttons to navigate, or jump to a slide with the slide dots. White quickly established himself as a likable and professional lawman, and contrary to many depictions of him in western films, he was respected by Clanton's Cowboy . An unauthenticated photo of Curly Bill Brocius from the Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone. However, two members of the gang, Zwing Hunt and Billy Grounds, had different ideas. Wyatt knew the only way justice would be served for the shooting of his brothers would be for him to take the law into his own hands. Then, a few weeks later, on March 18 th, 1882, Morgan Earp was gunned down by an assassin. var today = new Date() In January 1870, Wyatt Earp took the plunge. [citation needed], Wyatt told his biographer John H. Flood, Jr., many years later that he thought that Brocius was still armed at the time and did not notice that Brocius' pistol lay on the ground in the dark, until Brocius was already down. Double space between lines so it's easy to work with. Alas, both movies really do a very poor job of representing how that showdown actually went down. October 27, 1880. The outlaws made their getaway into the woods, firing as they ran, while a preoccupied Wyatt and his mount were doing a circle dance. Flowers added to the memorial appear on the bottom of the memorial or here on the Flowers tab. Arguments still rage as to whether this happened. Aug 9, 2017 - Lewis Smith as Curly Bill Brocius in "Wyatt Earp" Aug 9, 2017 - Lewis Smith as Curly Bill Brocius in "Wyatt Earp" Pinterest. I think Wyatt killed him. Not to be outdone, the Epitaph, a pro-Earp paper run by former Mayor John Clum, countered with a $2,000 reward for info that showed that CB was still alive. Truth is, nobody was ever able to prove he didnt. Although Karen lives in the Midwest, she likes to put the emphasis on the "west." "Up in Galeyville, Curly Bill Brocius took a bullet in the cheek from drifter Jim Wallace, a veteran of the Lincoln County Wars. Wyatt named him later as a participant, although no proof surfaced. Rumor had it that CB had previous on-the-job training in Texas, which prompted him to sign up for the Arizona drive after an indictment against him. This memorial has been copied to your clipboard. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/18042227/william-brocius. [3], In newspapers of the time, Brocius was known alternately as "Curly Bill" and "Curley Bill." One of them, Johnny Barnes, suffered a gunshot wound. The latest one was a weak effort to track CB. This relationship is not possible based on lifespan dates. An email message containing instructions on how to reset your password has been sent to the e-mail address listed on your account. Others point to Kentucky, and some Texas. For more details on his death, see William Brocius. (On scratch paper.) So, did Curly Bill Brocius meet his end at the hands of Wyatt Earp? He was using William Brosius at the time. But wait Earp detractors began to surface claiming he was a fraud. Doc, Johnson, and McMaster fired their weapons and sought cover. To make matters worse, his horse, spooked by the gunfire, was doing a war dance keeping Wyatt from pulling his Winchester from the scabbard. To use this feature, use a newer browser. Resend Activation Email. There were really no witnesses to back up Earps story. Subscribe for $3.50/week. Did Wyatt Earp exact his revenge for his brothers murder? Add to your scrapbook. Failed to remove flower. On March 24, 1882, the Earp party was expecting to meet Charlie Smith at Iron Springs (later Mescal Springs), in the Whetstone Mountains. The Tombstone Epitaph presented Earps version of Curly Bills death as absolute fact. Resend Activation Email, Please check the I'm not a robot checkbox, If you want to be a Photo Volunteer you must enter a ZIP Code or select your location on the map. This was the first real confrontation with the Earps. & Flosie Metcalf Keller. Earp returned to Tombstone and announced that on March 24, 1882, he shot and . When he got close, he saw Brocius remove his pistol from his holster and White grab it by the barrel. In response the Epitaph offered a $2,000 reward to anyone who could produce an alive Curly Bill. For memorials with more than one photo, additional photos will appear here or on the photos tab. Both protagonists unleashed shotguns. For memorials with more than one photo, additional photos will appear here or on the photos tab. There were people who doubted Wyatt Earps account at the time and even today, historians question his story. Although he was severely injured in the assassination attempt, Virgil survived. var year = today.getFullYear() It turned out to be a busy month. While on the way to Tucson, Brocius asked Wyatt Earp to recommend an attorney. 1887, and buried in Young, Arizona, and is not considered by historians to be the same Curly Bill of Charleston and Tombstone. As manager of this memorial you can add or update the memorial using the Edit button below. While in Galeyville, one day Curly Bill almost met his fate with eternity at the hands of a new member of the gang by the name of Jim Wallace. William Brocius, known as Curly Bill Brocius (c. 1845 - March 24, 1882) was a gunman, rustler and an outlaw Cowboy in the Cochise County area of the Arizona Territory during the early 1880s. A bullet narrowly missed Wyatt Earp but struck his brother, Morgan, in the spine. Step 2. He once made a preacher dance during a Sunday morning sermon by shooting at his feet. Jack Dunlop, "Three Fingered Jack," is another Boothill resident. He was born in Indiana, some tell us. For a time, Curly Bill Brocius was a member of the Clanton Gang, though he did not participate in the Shootout at the O.K. Translation on Find a Grave is an ongoing project. cemeteries found within kilometers of your location will be saved to your photo volunteer list. Wyatt and posse conducted a search-and-destroy mission aimed at any known Cow Boy members. Mr. Keller was a veteran of the United States Army, a member of the American Legion, a former Post. To add a flower, click the Leave a Flower button. His body was placed in a coffin and taken later that day to Fort Gibson for burial. It was said they took the bodies to the Patterson ranch on Babocomari Creek and buried them in a secret grave. based on information from your browser. Pitting a motley crew of unconventional lawmen the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday against the so-called Cochise County Cowboys, the gunfight at the O.K. This account, however, was reported by Wyatt Earp himself and many historians doubt the fact as Earp was known to have exaggerated some accounts. . Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. Related read: The Four Wives of Wyatt Earp, from Aurilla Sutherland to Sadie Marcus. After the Gunfight at the O.K. Earp grabbed CB and White took hold of the pistol CB had. Bankman-Fried, 30, was detained in the Bahamas last month and later deported to the United States to stand trial for allegedly participating in "one of the greatest frauds in American history," according to US Attorney Damian Williams. In looking for revenge for Morgans killing, Brother Wyatt reportedly caught up with Brocius on March 24, 1882, and killed him with a double shotgun blast to the chest. Send it our way! But the mystery of his death simply adds to the legend and allure of American West outlaw Curly Bill Brocius. I have not done anything to be arrested for."[6]. A system error has occurred. Did Wyatt Earp actually. Thank you for fulfilling this photo request. Your new password must contain one or more uppercase and lowercase letters, and one or more numbers or special characters. Smith was bringing cash from Tombstone about 20 miles (32km) to the east to help pay posse expenses. Please enter your email address and we will send you an email with a reset password code. Use the links under See more to quickly search for other people with the same last name in the same cemetery, city, county, etc. His response? Brocius threatened to kill him. A few months before this famous gunfight, in July of 1881, Curly Bill Brocius and Johnny Ringo, another Clanton Gang member, tracked down and killed Isaac and William Haslett in New Mexico. In October 1880, he shot Tombstones first marshal, Fred White, when the marshal attempted to disarm him. You can always change this later in your Account settings. Wallace claimed to have ridden with Billy The Kid during the Lincoln County War. Family members linked to this person will appear here. Brocius had . Are you sure that you want to delete this memorial? As we pass through the corridors of time, we visit the fate Curly Bill Brocius. Are you sure that you want to remove this flower? Add to your scrapbook. Related read: 9 Curious Facts About Annie Oakley, Sharpshooter Extraordinaire. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Afterward, he went to Tombstone, Arizona, where he was a vicious, drunken gunman, cattle rustler, and murderer. "You know what, this is actually a personal . An email has been sent to the person who requested the photo informing them that you have fulfilled their request, There is an open photo request for this memorial. An email has been sent to the person who requested the photo informing them that you have fulfilled their request, There is an open photo request for this memorial. Im hearing two different stories.. It is belived that his body was taken by wagon to the old Patterson Ranch near the confluence of the San Pedro River. Resend Activation Email. White asked the men to surrender their weapons, and they complied, but a gun belonging to "Curly Bill" Brocius accidentally went off and shot White in the gut. Curly Bill Graham was killed in a gunfight by Deputy Sheriff James D. Houck October 17, 1887, buried in Young, Arizona, and is almost certainly not the Curly Bill of Charleston and Tombstone. Family members linked to this person will appear here. Early in his days in Tombstone, Dodge appeared to be doing a bit of law enforcement, though it was during this time frame that he later . Did Wyatt kill Curly Bill? They maintain that Curly Bill had grown tired of the outlaw lifestyle. [3], In a drunken revelry, some of Curly Bill's friends were firing pistols into the air on October 28, 1880,[4] in a dark vacant lot between Toughnut and Allen Streets, near where the Birdcage Theater now stands. Learn more about managing a memorial . accounts I've read say the other cowboys buried him on a ranch somewhere's in the area. Some modern researchers doubt that he was well enough to take part in these events.[12]. Thanks for using Find a Grave, if you have any feedback we would love to hear from you. Lacking evidence, the prosecution dropped all charges against the Cowboys. Corral And How It Changed the American West, A Wyatt Earp Anthology: Long May His Story Be Told. Some said he went to Mexico, married a senorita and lived happily ever after. At the same time they buried Curly Bill somewhere near the barn and hid the grave. Several writers who knew Brocius reported that he was well-built with curly black hair and a freckled complexion. Oops, something didn't work. In little time, he became an acknowledged leader of the loosely organized Cow Boys. Bills friends denied their leader died at the hands of Wyatt. When this author challenged the editor, it was pointed out that Wyatt Earp did a diagram (in my files) of the incident and labeled the site, adorned with willow trees. Related read: The Real Story of Doc Holliday and Big Nose Kate. The Mexicans were possibly aided by a Wyatt Earp-led posse. Curly Bill Brocius Mar. Because of the time frame, the location, and his friendship with Martin, Curly Bill Brocius may have been a member of the Evans gang, as well.[3]. The men were convicted and sentenced to five years in prison, but both escaped, presumably to the southwest Arizona Territory. A photograph alleged to be Brocius, but has not been authenticated, is on display in Tombstone, at the Bird Cage Theater Museum that shows his curly locks. When the dust settled on the most infamous gunfight in the West, three men lay dying in the, Have you ever watched the 1972 Western movie Jeremiah Johnson, starring Robert Redford as the title character? He was reported to have perpetrated such "practical jokes" as using gunfire to make a preacher "dance" during a sermon and making Mexicans at a community dance take off their clothes and dance naked. North Valley Magazine Fred White, Tombstone, Arizona's first town marshal, was elected on January 6, 1880. But there are some people, whose lives were struck by tragedy before they were even born, who have . Continuing with this request will add an alert to the cemetery page and any new volunteers will have the opportunity to fulfill your request. White died two days after Curly Bill shot him. Oops, we were unable to send the email. He soon fell in with a San Simon group that became eventually known as the Cow Boys. They were not your Roy Rogers-type fellas. He can be reached at scottdyke65@gmail.com. Previously sponsored memorials or famous memorials will not have this option. Brocius was anxious to be moved out of town. Both of these incidents were reported in local newspapers at the time.

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